US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Thoughts on What is Going On About San Bernardino?

I'm sitting here at my computer thinking about the events I saw yesterday and about the reporting of the horrible shooting in San Bernardino.

It was like being back in the 60s or 70s! Reporters and cops groping to find answers in the dark!

Remember Paris a couple of weeks ago? Within minutes, we were flooded with videos of what went on inside the theater and at the street side cafe. Muslim terrorism blared. Jihadis screaming Allah Akbar or whatever they do. For endless hours.

Well, I had the TV on yesterday when the first reports came in. A horrible shooting by three people wearing hoods and dressed in combat gear shooting long rifles at a crowd. Within minutes, choppers were on scene showing us the massive presence of police.

And the coverage went on and on for hours. Nothing but guesses. No videos or voices calling the outside world from within the building. Nobody there had a cell phone? Or iPad or anything similar?

It was not until six hours later that I heard the word for the first time – TERRORISM! Six hours? What the hell is going on here with the media? And law enforcement? What makes them so fearful about saying it.

This was not a spur of the moment event. Those people were prepared to enter that place to kill people. Not one or two but as many as they could.

Workplace violence?

Yeah. Right.

Either law enforcement was stonewalling the media or they had direct orders not to say anything about the horror that wasn't politically correct. And the FBI showed up and took charge in one heck of a hurry. Did they know something they didn't want let out to the public?

And of course, he see the White House, The Hildabeast, and other Leftists screaming, “Gun Control.”

Well now, it's time for me to start my morning round of reading the news feeds at Drudge, BadBlue, and Feedly. Interesting to see what one will find.

Right now – 4:30 am PST, we learn they are American-born MUSLIMS, a husband and wife team. And law enforcement STILL refuses to call it terrorism.

Sigh. So here's a small assortment of what's on the Internet about it:

ISIS Adherents Praise San Bernardino Massacre, "America Burning" @ - Still Workplace Violence.

His dispute? There was bacon in the turkey stuffing at the group's last Thanksgiving party! Syed Raheel Farook: Another Wiccan Mormon Catholic Does San Bernardino Jihad – What You Don’t Know About Devout Muslim Perpetrator, Trip to Saudi @\

Disgusting liberal reporters mock people praying for San Bernardino after horrific massacre @

Here’s What We Know About The Suspects In The San Bernardino Shooting @

The Political Response To The California Shooting Was Quicker Than Planned Parenthood @


Obama Immediately Responds to San Bernardino Shooting with call to action – strengthen gun control! @ Why does he want us to disarm when we are being threatened by radical Islamists?

And, of course, Leftists leap into action with the “not all Muslims” mantra. Read more @

Before the Police Had Even Caught the San Bernardino Suspects, Democrats ‘Knew’ Who to Blame w/video @

And Moe Lane shares me beliefs about this with, The San Bernardino attack is sounding… weird. @


only is concerned that San Bernardino shooting suspects recently returned from Saudi: reports @

Cruz says California shooting may be act of Islamic terror @ The man who wants to be POTUS seems to be more clued in than the one who is.

And, from Daily Kos comes this ignorance: Republicans offer thoughts and prayers instead of voting to keep guns away from suspected terrorists @

ISI is already celebrating the San Bernardino assault w/more @


San Bernardino Shooters Left Their Baby with Grandmother Before Rampage @

My Summation of all of this:

Well, the news cycle didn't surprise me. The usual Leftist attempt to make out of this something unreal. It was nothing but Workplace Violence because there is no threat to the USA of an attack by a Muslim radical.

Time after time, media afraid to report things to avoid accusations of not being politically correct.

Authorities being over cautious in what they decide to tell us. And they are still waffling over this as if afraid of somehow embarrassing the White House or our new Attorney General.

There was 4 hours between the shooting and the end of this by killing the attackers. What were they doing in that time?

And finally, it is clear to me that the beef was that the stuffing in the turkey at the Thanksgiving party contained bacon. And that is something in a warped mind that leads to a plan to slaughter others. It all leads back to one thing.

Sweet and simple. Muslims seeking revenge for a considered slight at a time when the targets were celebrating an infidel's celebration.

What more is coming from those warmed Muslim minds between now and Christmas?

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