US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Monday, March 30, 2015

Follow the Raven Re-released

After a major re-write and review, I've just released this fantasy journey through mythological creatures with a scifi secondary story.

The Dragon Ships come and Eigan, a young shepherd flees a Priestess of Frieda who seeks his life. She murders his parents when they do not bring him before her. Eigan sets off into the unknown with his trusted sheepdog and a wizened, often addled, recluse. He carries a staff, a sling, a sword he must learn to use and a magical amulet of the Triple Goddess, Madrigan. On this perilous journey, he discovers he's not who he thought he was but one who will face monsters and bounty hunters to carry out a quest to undo what evil Gods have caused. FOLLOW THE RAVEN is the saga of a youth faced with magic, monsters, fairy folks and mythical creatures hidden in his world. It is a tale of fantasy mixed with science fiction aimed at youth of all ages.

The paperback version is available @

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Shoot-'em-up Western - Set in Southern California

A union soldier leaves the bloody battlefields behind, along with the ashen ruins of his home, to seek the golden promises of California. He encounters a widow fending off evil men who killed her husband to take over her ranch. Seeking only peace and a place to settle, Gabriel Fletcher must unholster his guns to find his new home – and a girl who stands and fights by his side.

el Rancho Jamul, A saga of 1867 California and the conflict between Mexicans and Americans, is now available in Kindle e-format @