US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Friday, October 13, 2017

Entertainment versus Politics

Yet, more and more, we find them shoving their political views down our throats.

I’m not even going to refer to actors and actresses or musicians/singers as their political biases leave no doubt. Let’s take a look at the subtle ones. Television shows with their hints and innuendos.

This was driven home to me when I watched the latest episode of Madame Secretary aired 8 Oct 2017.
The main plot, so we were led to believe, was the takeover of a small southeast Asia island nation by a Mexican drug cartel. But Morgan Freeman, the director, and Barbara Hall, the writer, were not all that subtle about the real theme – the Honest Main Street Media versus the wild and untamed Internet.

Oh the horror of it. And, the show ended with a horrible Senator threatening our Shrillary Clone Secretary of State with defamation using blogs and other unethical sources on the internet.

Not exactly subtle. However, it leads me to wonder just how many of the millions of viewers got the message of how terrible the uncontrolled internet is. Ready to heed the call to further control the Net.

This particular show has caused me to find myself watching all my favorite shows to see just what the subtle (or not-so-subtle) messages will be of a political bent. Just what agenda do the writers, producers and directors have?

How about you? Are there any shows you like to watch but find yourself uneasy due to the subplots that try to get you to change your minds about your basic beliefs. I know I’m going to start to pay more attention from now on.