US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Is It Possible to Stop a Mass Shooting Before It Happens? Here's How to Get Over Social Media Obligation, How the television transformed our homes, Want to Fall in Love With Your Partner Again? Dem Joaquin Castro Posts List Of Trump Donors – and it backfires! With lots more for August 13, 2019

Dem Joaquin Castro Posts List Of Trump Donors
So? All donations of $200 or more are available to the public. It’s a little time-consuming, but you can find out who donated to whom for every candidate. Every one of them @
Another political stunt by a Dim gone bad. Who gives them this advice? Or do they come up with it themselves?
Democrat Joaquin Castro pulled a cheap political trick today when he posted the list of the 2019 maximum donors to President Trump from San Antonio on Twitter.
He’s not doing Julian, his brother who is running for president, any favors.
The response wasn’t what he expected.
Twitter is on fire right now with people from both sides of the aisle who are against the doxing of the Trump donors.
Vile” Political Stunt by Dem Joaquin Castro Backfires…Posts List Of Trump Donors @

Backfire! BBQ Restaurant Outed as Trump Donor Swamped With Customers

Mama G wrote: “Every Bill Miller BBQ in SA has been PACKED constantly from open to close! Well done JulianCastro!”
As usually happens, Stupid Dims try to put people down. Instead, they come out ahead as general Americans show their support. I just hope this business continues to get a huge increase in business.
Trump Donor Outed By Rep. Joaquin Castro Forced To Review Emergency Plans With Family @
Especially with all the Lefty loonies out there. If anything bad happens to any of these people they take the POS to court for everything he’s worth.

Trump suspends US foreign aid pending review
10 bank accounts of between 2 and 4 billion dollars. Only 2 are identified.
Funding for a Pakistani space initiative and Uzbek education program are two of the projects funded by the 10 accounts.
Critics fear the move could lead to sharp cuts for programs on global health, peacekeeping, narcotics control, and development assistance despite the money having been approved by Congress.
The president if having the White House Office of Management and Budget reviewing any monies not spent.
Congress may appropriate but it’s up to the president to spend it.

Top general says SpaceX may have just changed space defense
A top American general told a defense conference in Alabama today that Elon Musk’s SpaceX may have just “completely changed our ability” to sense threats against America using satellite clusters in space.
Holy smokes. Talk about being able to move the ball,” Air Force Gen. Terrence O’Shaughnessy said of the May 23 launch by Space X of 60 small satellites at one time.
NASA may have gone out of the rocket business but private companies are stepping up and outdoing themselves. Reusable boosters and becoming very close to producing vehicles to carry humans back into space.
SpaceX says “Star Link” was the first step in “a next-generation satellite network capable of connecting the globe, especially reaching those who are not yet connected, with reliable and affordable broadband internet services.” However, the company regularly competes for military satellite launches and now has a new skill clearly attracting Pentagon attention.

Chicago hospital stopped accepting patients because the city had too many shooting victims
While all the Leftist are accusing conservatives of all sorts of vile things about the continued massacre in places like Chicago and Baltimore, the facts remain.
Innocent – and targeted – people are bleeding and dying in the streets.
Chicago’s Mount Sinai Hospital had to redirect patients coming via ambulance to neighboring trauma centers over the weekend due to the excessive number of shootings on the city’s west side.
Mount Sinai Hospital, one of five trauma centers in Chicago, had reached max capacity, forcing them to temporarily turn patients away after seven were killed and 46 injured in shootings over the weekend, CBS Chicago News 2 reported.
At one point, the hospital peaked with 12 patients in trauma, CNN reported.
But, never mind. According to the Left, we normal Americans simply don’t care.
However, who is it that never reports stuff like this?

Who Broke Baltimore?
We Did.
Baltimore’s decline isn’t an accident. It took decades of government intervention and hundreds of millions of dollars.
The article starts off by attacking President Trump forTweeting that Cumming’s district is a disgusting, rodent and rat infested mess,” “very dangerous and filthy,” “the Worst in the USA.”
No human being,” he wrote, “would want to live there.”
And then it declares:
To be clear: The president does not know anything, or care, about the city of Baltimore. He doesn’t know the history of segregation that shaped it, and he doesn’t care what’s behind the near-pornographic images of urban apartheid on his TV screen that seem to have been the original inspiration for his Twitter bombast.
So it totally blows me away when the article says,
It’s true, too, that these arrangements are deliberate. The cities we have are the cities we’ve built: They reflect our choices and embody our values. If they are toxic, it’s because we make them so. And for more than a century now, the chief orderly administering a slow drip of poison into Baltimore’s veins has been the government itself.
Got that? “The government itself.”
And they targeted these areas because blacks had moved into them.
The lesson here: We have spent hundreds of millions of dollars, and more than 100 years, turning Baltimore into the “rat infested mess” President Trump thinks he sees when he looks at it. We did this because people like President Trump decided the government’s job was to enrich white people—like his son-in-law, a Baltimore slumlord—on the backs of black people, and so we built a government that would do just that. In this regard, what Trump called “King Elijah’s Baltimore Fail” isn’t a failure at all. On the contrary, Baltimore is working just as it was designed to.
People like President Trump.”
Bias, anyone?
And the author lives in Seattle.
Why is it that slums are filled with welfare blacks? Why not welfare whites?
Oh yeah. We got that. According to Shrillary, all the welfare whites live in trailer parks and are deplorable Trump supporters.

Pro-Trump Activist, Volunteers Collect 12 Tons of Trash in West Baltimore
Did any of the locals show up to help out?
"If the city was not going to help us clean up trash, well — by golly — we went out there with 170 volunteers.
We cleaned up 12 tons of trash in 12 hours."
@ScottPresler #AmericansHelpingAmericans
#ThePersistence (@ScottPresler) August 7, 2019
But the Baltimore Sun editorial board was offended by the effort and sent out a critical tweet about it.
Whatever he says his motives were, Scott Presler’s presence in Baltimore reinforces the tired image that the poor people in this city can’t take care of their own neighborhoods,” the Sun tweeted.
We assume it was pure motives that led a Trump supporter to launch a clean-up in Cummings’ district,” the Sun tweet said. “Conservatives cleaning up a Baltimore neighborhood makes for a good photo opp, but does little to address the real problems.”
Call us skeptical,” the editorial in the newspaper said about Presler’s claim that the event was not political:
I wonder how long it was until it was back like before.

Big Pharma is using faux generics to keep drug prices high
Here’s an example:
High-profile examples of authorized generics include Mylan’s cheaper form of its EpiPen, a life-saving epinephrine autoinjector that curbs deadly allergic reactions. In 2016, under political and public pressure to lower drug prices, Mylan introduced the authorized generic of EpiPen priced at $300 for a two-pack. That’s half the price of a two-pack of the brand-name version, which has a list price of around $600. But it’s still a staggering hike from EpiPen’s original cost of around $50 per injector in 2007. That year, Mylan bought the rights to EpiPen and then raised the price more than 400% in the years that followed. The authorized generic is essentially triple the price of what two injectors used to cost.
Got that? The original cost was $50 per.
So, how do they get away with it?
"It’s a parlor trick," the executive added. "They’re bending to political pressure, but are they taking any money out of the system? They’re not."
And, as others have noted, the price is still wildly inflated. A vial of brand-name Humalog has a list price of $55 in Germany, for instance. In 2001—before Lilly began hiking the price—the list price for a vial of Humalog in the US was $35.

How Democrats want to limit drug prices @
Wanna guess how?
Goverernment controls the drugs.
Government seizes the patents for the drugs
Government determines the price of the drugs
Reference pricing
Value-based pricing
Government regulates price increases

US Secretary of Defense gets a Mongolian pony
And named him Marshall after General George Marshall.
Can’t find it anywhere but think the animal stays in Mongolia, cared for by senior officials. Matter of honor that it does well.
Esper’s a Light Colonel with airborne experience. No word on whether or not he ever served in a cavalry outfit.

Complete List of Clinton Associates Who Allegedly Died Mysteriously or Committed Suicide Before Testimony, Including Jeffrey Epstein
We’re not claiming conspiracy or anything. But…
Impressive, isn’t it?

Ivanka Didn’t Wear a Swastika in Colorado
This is the actual photo:
This is what the scumbag Leftists spread around the net:
They just never quit.

Fly Lands on Biden’s Face–as He Accuses Trump of ‘Immorality’ and ‘Carnage’
Didn’t something similar happen to Obama

De Blasio campaign event in Iowa draws roughly 15 attendee
What? No photos. What a shame.
With more than enough empty space to accommodate his 6-foot-5 frame, the quixotic candidate took the floor at Parlor City Pub to a smattering of applause from the sleepy brunch set.
Did that include staff and family?

More People Killed by Hammers, Clubs than with Rifles of Any Kind
So, lets demand background checks on anyone who goes to a hardware store.
Breitbart News reported the most recent numbers–those for 2017–on September 26, 2018. Those figures showed that 467 people were killed with “blunt objects (hammers, clubs, etc.),” while 403 were killed with rifles.
The report also showed 1,591 people were killed with “knives or cutting instruments.
Lets do the same with anyone buying sharp instruments.

Ex-Inmate says “No way” Epstein killed himself
Of course he speaks out on conditions of anonymity. But, it all makes a lot of sense.
I’ve done too much time in those units. It’s an impossibility,” the former inmate, who spent time in MCC’s special housing unit, where Epstein was held, told the Post.
The former inmate explained the physical dimensions of the special housing unit cells, in addition to secluded inmates not possessing any items transformable into an “instrument of death,” prevented Epstein from harming himself.
They don’t give you enough in there that could successfully create an instrument of death. You want to write a letter, they give you rubber pens and maybe once a week a piece of paper,” the former inmate said.
Could he have done it from the bed? No sir. There’s a steel frame, but you can’t move it. There’s no light fixture. There’s no bars,” he explained. “You have sheets, but they’re paper level, not strong enough. He was 200 pounds — it would never happen.”
Of course, one has to await the results of the official autopsy to know exactly how he died.
What gets me are all the calls for an “investigation” into the death. As if it’s just going to be ignored by the authorities.
Gimme a break!
There’s no video of Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide: sources @

Chill out! The 10 rules for a perfect fridge – from egg storage to deep cleaning
I already see we are doing several things the article says we shouldn’t. I just haven’t figured out yet whether or not to change.
So, to break the dream down into more manageable parts, here is a guide to fridge hygiene.
1) What is the optimal temperature? Between 1 and 4C. (33.8F to 39.2F)
2) How often should you clean it, and with what?
3) And if you need to deep clean?
4) What should not be in there? (Fruit & Tomatoes?)
5) And what should?
6) What goes where? (Hahaha)
7) Store together or always separate?
8) Tips for shelf organisation
9) Tips for dealing with odours
10) Tips for dealing with fridgemates (AKA how to word the passive-aggressive note)
So, if you want to find out how much you good up, go to

Why Drinking Water All Day Long Is Not the Best Way to Stay Hydrated
If you’re drinking water and then, within two hours, your urine output is really high and [your urine] is clear, that means the water is not staying in well,” says David Nieman, a professor of public health at Appalachian State University and director of the Human Performance Lab at the North Carolina Research Campus. Nieman says plain water has a tendency to slip right through the human digestive system when not accompanied by food or nutrients. This is especially true when people drink large volumes of water on an empty stomach. “There’s no virtue to that kind of consumption,” he says.
I always pay attention. Because I drink so much coffee and diet tea, I rarely have clear urine.
In fact, clear urine is a sign of “overhydration,” according to the Cleveland Clinic. And some of the latest research supports Nieman’s claim that guzzling lots of water is not the best way to stay hydrated.
But, here in Vegas when the temp stays over 100F for days on end, bottled water is everywhere.
Also worth paying attention to the need to Nosh when drinking so much.

Is It Possible to Stop a Mass Shooting Before It Happens?
Sure, Take away guns from all those who shouldn’t have them – according to Leftists. And they get to determine who that is.
The Savant
An elite investigator who tracks angry men online, she’s known to some in her field as the Savant because of her uncanny ability to suss out when, exactly, hate speech will morph into violent action. She came across Finton’s Myspace profile in 2007 and was disturbed by what she saw: videos of Islamic extremists carrying out brutal killings alongside quotes glorifying religious martyrdom. The page gave her a primal, hairs-on-end feeling that she’d learned not to ignore.
Why not angry women?
While the story is interesting, the point is clear. There are a multitude of warning signs that should alert authorities and prospective targets ahead of time.
But, at what point does such screening violate individual rights?
And, if a suspect is identified, what can legally be done?
Read the story if you’re interested but it doesn’t answer my questions.

Here's How to Get Over Social Media Obligation
Overwhelmed by staying in touch with all of your online friends? Here's how to stop liking and start living.
They never seem to put the darned things down. Nothing sadder than seeing a group at a table with their nose in devices instead of person-to-person interchanges.
Here’s what the author says to do:
Determine why you’re using social media
Make your time online count
Filter your online connections
Use social media features to do your dirty work
And put the darned thing away when you’re socializing in reality.

How the television transformed our homes
TV’s entry into our living spaces began a nationwide conversation about where the sets should go and how they should look
Lord but this hits home. I grew up seeing these.
This article is all about the physical impact of the Boob Tube on our lives. It doesn’t deal with the interpersonal one. Just like hand-held devices, TVs have changed the interpersonal exchanges that were one the nuggets of family and friends.

Want to Fall in Love With Your Partner Again?
Love is more than a feeling; it’s a choice.
I’m not going to post all 36. That’s up to you if you’re interested.
Here are the first five:
1. Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?
2. Would you like to be famous? In what way?
3. Before making a telephone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say? Why?4. What would constitute a "perfect" day for you?
5. When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else?
The remainder are interesting. But, it seems to me that asking all of these in one sessions isn’t the best thing to do. Take your time and select the ones you think are most important.

What’s the Difference Between Pickling, Brining, Marinating, and Curing?
It all comes down to salt versus acid
I remember my grandmother doing some of this stuff when I was a kid. But, I never paid much attention to it.
SO, to debrief:
Brining = preserving and/or flavoring with salt
Marinating = preserving and/or flavoring with acid
Pickling = preserving with salt (fermented pickles) or preserving with acid (unfermented pickles)
Curing = all of the above

The Coast Guard’s Polar Star
43 years old and often in deep trouble for lack of spare parts to repair aging equipment. Supply types have had to scour eBay and other sites to get things to keep her going.
This is the story of her once-yearly trip from Seattle to Antarctica.
While Russia will soon have more than 50 icebreakers, the fire-engine-red ship lumbers on as a Cold War relic.
I love this part:
A petty officer who used a surfboard repair kit to fix a generator, saving the ship from encroaching ice, received an award from the Coast Guard commandant.