US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

News and Interesting Stuff for November 14, 2018

Plans of House Democrats
Voters had to be aware of these plans. At least if they had the least bit of common sense. So, why did they vote to let this happen?
It’s clearly well beyond my ken.
Pelosi: Whitaker Appointment ‘Does Violence to the Constitution’ @
House Democrats Plan 'Aggressive' Gun Control Push As Soon As They Regain Control @
Thank the Lord it'll get shot down in the Senate
Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!
House Dems to go “All-In” on Impeaching Kavanaugh and Investigating Russia @
This could be, by far, the best news from the midterms. A whole lot of freshmen reps don;t owe her anything and could clearly be looking for someone to replace her.
More House Dems: You bet Trump tax returns will be key part of our agenda @
Ocasio-Cortez complains about not getting Congressional paycheck yet: ‘How do I get an apartment?’ @
Has anyone so dumb ever been elected by 78% of the vote before?
Dems’ newest congresswoman is homeless? (Surprise: She’s a socialist) @

Democrats load "subpoena cannon" with 85+ Trump targets
They’re salivating over the possibility of calling him before their committees.
But, wait. Can’t he claim Executive Privilege and tell them to take a flying leap?
Based on our reporting and other public sources, Axios' Zach Basu has assembled a list of at least 85 potential Trump-related investigation and subpoena targets for the new majority. (See the list.)
Incoming Dems Unveil Agenda for House Takeover, and It's Quite a Hit List @
House to Investigate Acosta’s Losing WH Press Pass @

Crossroads of America after the Mid-Term Elections
The time has come.
We are at a crossroads.
Do we return to the path of turning the United States into a socialistic failed state, or continue our journey along the road back to the U.S. Constitution, American Exceptionalism, and our system of liberty and a free market?
The Democrat Party has removed their veil. They are not the party of the people, they are the Communist Worker's Party (or at least that is what they ought to change their name to). They have revealed who they are, and it's definitely not something the Founding Father's intended.
Every single play in their game-book is communist.
We must not look at this as a defeat. Every battle has drawbacks but winners get back up and continue the good fight. The next two years will be a time for the Democrats to show their colors to the American people and we patriots must be ready to step in and stand behind our president. It will be a time to gather strength and rebuild our movement. Let them run their useless investigations and issue their worthless subpoenas. It will make them feel good while we gird our loins and prepare ourselves for the real battles that lie ahead.
God bless President Trump and God bless America.

More Babylon Bee
Florida Recount Finally Wraps Up, Al Gore Declared President @
Leftist Protesters: 'If Tucker Carlson Didn't Want To Get Mobbed In His Own Home, Then Why Did He Disagree With Us?' @
Nazis Clarify They're Only Calling For 'Democratic Nazism' @
Trump Approves Use Of Death Star On Migrant Caravan @
GOP: 'Man, We Were Gonna Defund Planned Parenthood But Now We Lost The House, Oh Well, Maybe Next Time' @
In 'Home Alone' Remake, Kid To Not Even Realize His Parents Are Gone As He Plays On His Smartphone For Two Weeks @
Ocasio-Cortez Gives Tearful Concession Speech After Learning She Only Got 78% Of Vote @
Jim Acosta Late For Press Conference Again After Staring At Self In Mirror For Three Hours @
Have a nice day. :)

Photos Show Scores of Uncounted Ballots in Opa-locka Mail Center
Uncounted ballots? How could that be? Isn’t every vote supposed to count?
But sources who spoke with New Times privately worried that ballots had potentially been sitting inside the mailroom for days or weeks before Election Day. Sources expressed frustration that more wasn't done to collect outstanding ballots before the 7 p.m. election deadline. One source who claimed to have reported the issues to the Elections Department said that the Opa-locka distribution center was understaffed and that there were not enough employees to handle the flood of ballots that had come in just before the election.
The day after the election, a Twitter user posted a clip purporting to show a USPS worker in Miami explaining what was going on. The woman said ballots were sitting on the floor hours after the delivery deadline had passed.

Troops getting border protection training
Very much needed. They need to be certain of their roles and what they can and cannot do.
Military officials said planning is underway to deter the approaching migrant caravans.
We’re working hand in hand with CBP in order to determine the right amount of soldiers at the right places at the right time,” explained Sgt. Maj. Faith Laughter, U.S. Army Public Affairs. “So, at different point of entry as depicted by CBP, we’re doing some barrier emplacement and then also at these locations we have military police officers and they’re providing full protection to our soldiers.”
The Pentagon said 1,300 troops have been deployed to California, 1,500 troops have been deployed to Arizona, and 3,000 have been deployed to Texas.

Trump rushed more than 5,000 troops to the border to lay razor wire. Miles and miles of it.
Coming in by the truckloads with troops lying concertina as fast as it’s unloaded.
"We have enough concertina wire to cover up to 22 miles already deployed, already to the border," Gen. Terrence O'Shaughnessy, head of US Northern Command, explained last week.
150 miles worth of it.
As many as 8,000 troops, if not more depending on operational demands, could eventually be deployed to the border in support of Operation Faithful Patriot.

Two busloads of migrants reported missing; CDMX shelter at capacity
They’re walking right into the hands of the drug cartels.
Peimbert told the news website Huffington Post that the migrants were abducted by the bus drivers and handed over to suspected criminals who presumably belong to the Zetas drug cartel.
He said that neither state nor federal authorities have responded to reports of the incident.
Criminal groups have long preyed on Central Americans transiting Mexico, forcing men into working for them and pushing women into prostitution. Those who refuse to cooperate run the risk of being killed.
Edgar Corzo, a human rights academic who is serving as a caravan observer for the CNDH, told a press conference this morning that the commission is “taking the corresponding steps” to search for the missing migrants.

Labor Board Agency Employees Protest Their Employer, The NRLB
I think President Reagan had it right when he fired FAA controllers for striking against the agency. Government employees may have the right to unionize – which I believe to be wrong – but they should be forbidden to stop working.
National Labor Relations Board leaders faced a rare agency staff protest Nov. 8, the second such employee action in the current board’s first year.
Career staffers at the NLRB protested and handed out leaflets outside an American Bar Association conference attended by board Chairman John Ring. They say the agency is trying to make more cuts to pay and benefits despite ending the fiscal year with a budget surplus, and that it terminated two long-standing collective bargaining contracts for most of its staff to renegotiate the terms.
The protests are also aimed at Ring and General Counsel Peter Robb’s efforts to reverse the direction of federal labor policy and overhaul the agency, whose mission is to enforce workplace labor law and referee union elections. Senior career officials have said the moves and proposals made by President Donald Trump’s appointees would hobble the NLRB and gut American workers’ ability to file charges alleging unlawful workplace practices against employers.
Workers at federal agencies sign up with their employee unions at a much higher rate than workers in the private sector do. But the picketing and other protest actions often associated with private unions are rare in the federal government. There have been indications of internal strife under other agency heads in the Trump administration. The NLRB staffers’ public criticism of their leaders takes on added significance, however, given the agency’s own role as one of the government’s main enforcers of workplace and union rights.

10 Questions About the Compatibility of Islam with America
Here are 10 questions about the compatibility of Islam in America. Depending on your answers, does that make you an Islamophobe?
You can call me an Islamophobe even before I answer the questions.
10) Are Islam and Sharia Law compatible with American culture?
No! Certainly not in the horrid way Muslim men treat their women – all women.
9) Does Islam threaten to destroy our system of law and our Constitution?
Yes! It is in direct conflict with our Bill of Rights.
8) Are Islam and Sharia Law tolerant of other religions?
Not in any way, shape, or form. Accept Islam or … die.
7) “When Muslims claim Islam is a religion of peace and love, are they lying to the non-Muslim world?”
You bet they are? Throwing gays off roof tops. Assassinating Christians and Jews.
6) Has there ever been a period in history fully characterized by peaceful co-existence between Muslims and non-Muslims?
Name one! Oh yes, don’t forget the Crusades and the Inquisition – even though they took place centuries ago.
5) Is Islam in the process of swallowing Europe?
Sure seems to be. PC authorities in many countries afraid to identify gangs of rapists and those torching cars as Muslims.
4) Will Muslim immigrants assimilate?
Of course they won’t!
3) What is the record of radical Islamic killings since 9/11?
Something Muslim defenders don’t want you to know – 34,034 worldwide since 9/11. At least those identified as such. Who knows how many really have occurred?
2) Can there ever be a Muslim Martin Luther?
Is there a chance of reformation? No way.
1) Does Islam belong in America?
The answers in this article clearly show it doesn’t. And here’s the most important part of the answer; Muslim leaders who preach violence should be aggressively prosecuted for incitement. Send them to GITMO!
So, to answer the original question; I believe Islam opposes everything this country stands for and has no place in the governance of America. Period.
Jordan: Muslims kidnap head of “Believers Without Borders,” carve “Islam Without Borders” onto his back @
Sudan: Christian converts from Islam arrested and tortured @
Horse takes wrong turn out of gate, dumps jockey in parking lot
Something to smile about for a change.
Rookie jockey forgets to put foot in stirrup and starts to fall off as the horse leaves the gate. The rest was hilarious to watch – although there’s no video of it.
After jumping a rail and hedge alongside the chute that leads to the main track, the 3-year-old gelding trained by Peter Miller galloped away in the area east of the show horse arena and satellite wagering facility. Miller said Monday it took at least 20 minutes to catch Wild Verse and return him to the barn.
Think he’ll remember to do it in the future?

Giant Trash Animals Nest Inside Abandoned Las Vegas Motel
I have no idea where this is but it certainly is amazing.
Which is your favorite?