US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Is There a God? Or Gods?

We have no scientific proof whatsoever that a deity exists. Or angels or demons.

Yet, from time immemorial, humans have displayed a belief in such beings. Everywhere human beings tread the sod, they have some form of belief. Some, like Christians, Jews, and Muslims are Monotheists who believe in one Supreme Being. And even among Christians, there is a belief in two other Gods, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. Many others, especially older societies are Polytheists who believe in many Gods. There is one thing in common with all of them. One God is superior to all the others. And those with multiple gods, each has an area of concern and many of them have faults similar to humans. But, almost all of them are humorless.

That's why I thoroughly enjoy the myths and beliefs of American Indians. The vast majority of them have deities who make jokes or even fall on their faces. Brother Coyote who continually gets in trouble but always gets out of it and never dies. And there is brave Brother Rabbit who fears nothing and always fights for the others. And, far before the arrival of Europeans had tales of a great flood and coming from The Land of Ice. And many have stories of the creation of the lands where they live.

So, what causes this? Why do humans need to turn to mythical beings outside of their physical realm who somehow are responsible for all their ills? Or miracles?

Could it be that such beings truly exist?

I'm an avid fan of science fiction having started reading it about the time I entered kindergarten. One of the thesis I remember was our solar system or universe being but one atom of a large molecule in another existence. Another was about highly advanced civilizations existing in which beings terraformed our planet and guided the creation of everything upon it, watching over it to view the course of their creation.

Could these beings be the Gods we have come to believe in?

And, what about the belief in Karma and the Resurrection? Why do so many believe in an existence beyond our current existence?

Another theme that has always interested me is that we were created like some insects that go through changes; a pupa changing into a chrysalis into a beautiful butterfly. Are we simply in the pupa stage? And how we act on this plane of existence determines whether we become a butterfly - or a moth?

So, are gods and angels and demons simply beings who have progressed beyond our plane of existence to a higher one? Or, could we be a breeding ground for advanced civilizations that no longer recreate physically?

Or a whole lot of other things?

And finally, there are those who believe in none of the above and are ready to support their beliefs by any means - to include denying all beliefs but their own. Atheists and agnostics who want to removal or destruction of all mythical beliefs. Why are they so virulent in their disbelief?

Okay, so what are my personal beliefs? First, I do not believe that man-made beliefs and structures are the final say in our existence and possible future. I think everyone has a right to believe what they wish without the interference of others or that their belief does not require them to belittle or even destroy anyone who does not agree with them. If sitting in a special building to listen to someone explain what you should believe is what turns you on - good for you. Go for it. The few times in my life when I felt close to something above and beyond myself were in the midst of places of such calm and beauty that my spirit felt beyond my existence. Muir Woods. Overlooking a spot on the rugged California Coast. A few others I'm not going to dig too deep for.

So, back to my original question. Is there a God? Or Gods?

To me, that's up to each individual to believe or disbelieve. I hope whatever that is, it gives you peace and a desire to live a better life to include respect for all of Creation and the creatures in it.

In other words, have a good life.