US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris Roundup


Obama: ISIS Is Not Getting ‘Stronger,’ We Have ‘Contained’ Them

Syria refugee crisis: U.S. opens centres to speed vetting
Screening outposts to be set up in Iraq, Lebanon as U.S. urges Arab nations to do more @

National borders must be closed across Europe to halt an 'Islamic invasion' says far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders

IS RUSSIA NEXT? ISIS releases chilling video threatening Russia, saying the “Kremlin will be ours” @

13 reasons why we should not admit Muslim ‘refugees’

They are not “refugees.” They are invaders; soldiers of Allah
The vast majority of Muslims flooding into the West are young men
We can’t vet these invaders:
The teachings of Islam are incompatible with Western civilization
Terrorists will be among them
The number we admit will increase exponentially in a year or two
Support for sharia law
Lack of assimilation
There will be increased proliferation of mosques and Islamic schools
They will rely on the public dole

Amateur video of people escaping the theater

How some Muslims feel this morning

The French Were Warned - July 2015: ISIS Vowed to ‘Bring Slaughter to France, Fill the Streets of Paris with Dead Bodies’ @

In February Barack Obama told he thought the media was overhyping bloody acts of Islamic terrorism in places like Paris, Ottawa, New York City, Peshawar and Sydney. Obama said such attacks were “sexy.” Interview @

Man cries while describing attack @

One of the terrorists was on a watch list – sorry, no link

So Where Did the Terrorists Get Their AK=47s? Especially when Europe supposedly has such strong gun control pollicies. Read @

Paris attacks: Eyewitness accounts @

It Can Happen Here

And nobody in the American media is paying attention to this. More @

Silent and Calm, Terrorists With AK47s Fired Into the Crowd For ‘Ten Minutes, Ten Horrific Minutes’ @

Last night I had a post up with predictions concerning the Paris attacks. In less that 24 hours several of them have come true:

No networks having Pam Geller or Robert Spencer CHECK
Hungary border fence copied, CHECK
Pushing the Muslim’s as terrified of retaliation CHECK
Mizzou & #millionstudentmarch etc/all making fools of themselves BIG CHECK

Why is it so easy for non-experts to be able to predict the reactions of the left about such a horrible event?

Does Leftist stupidity ever end? Bloomberg group mourns Paris dead as “victims of gun violence” @

Newspaper Headlines About the Paris Attacks

Leftists claim Paris Attack due to right-wing violent language toward activists @ and the stupidity continues


The American Blood Is Best, and We Will Taste It Soon” @ and I don't think this is empty rhetoric

Spoiled Children Upset that Paris Attacks are Taking Attention Away from Their Protests – too many sources to list here.

France Is a Catastrophe’: Life in a City Gone Still @ how people are trying to cope the day after

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  1. It's probably already started but there will be politicians saying this is not about Islam while cracking down on "Islamophobia". Especially in places like France and German where dissident speech can get you arrested.