US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Friday, December 4, 2015

Further Thoughts on the Terror Attack in San Bernardino

Amazing how much they now know about the San Bernardino terrorists – NOW. And before the event.

Okay, so we've become so politically correct that trying to protect ourselves is considered profiling and that is somehow horrible? If I see someone walking toward me with a gun pointing at me, am I profiling because he may be dark-skinned, with a heavy beard, and one of those skull cap things?

Well, here comes this morning's roundup of total stupidity about the shooting – and warnings that it could – and probably will – happen again.

Report: San Bernardino Shooter Passed DHS Counterterrorism Vetting Read more at:

I still don't see a single interview with anyone who was actually at that party!

And these were not the types prepared to give their lives in the name of Allah. It is now clear they were planning something else. But what?

San Bernardino Muslim Killer Told Man He Murdered, Islam is a Peaceful Religion @

ENOUGH !! – Just Who The Hell is “Tashfeen Malik”? @

And here comes another HUGE stupidity that makes me gnash my teeth! The blonde babe on Fox and Friends just said something to the effect - “the couple ACCUSED of killing fourteen people ...”

ACCUSED! You've got to be kidding me. The bastards KILLED and INJURED people!!!! Where the hell does this “accused” come from? And, when will these idiots stop using it?

The “Mass Shootings Map” Propaganda Should Convince You to Carry At All Times @

(Maybe we should move to North Dakota)

VIDEO: UC biology prof. tells class NRA to blame for San Bernardino shooting @
The Looney Left is running rampant on our college campuses.

Here Are The Victims That Have Been Identified In The San Bernardino Shooting from

These Infidels sure look like evil people to me who somehow deserve to die in Allah's name. Thanks to BuzzFeed for showing us faces – no longer just names.

And here our illustrious Attorney General weighs in with:

Loretta Lynch: “Actions Predicated On Violent Talk” Toward Muslims Will Be Prosecuted @

Make you feel all warm and fuzzy – and safe?

And here comes our Social Guru = Bernie Sanders Offers Pro-Gun Control Tweetstorm After San Bernardino @

No surprise here.

Before Shooting, Calif. Killer Talked On Phone With Terrifying Person… And Obama’s FBI Knew It @

More disgusting PC!

And this from The Guardian = San Bernardino shooting: US divided over whether attack was terrorism @

IMHO, for spouting stuff like this, the UK is in extreme danger of falling into the abyss of Political Correctness. WHO was it who disagreed about this being a terrorist attack? And of course, there had to be the mantra of - “if it had been two Christians.” IT WASN'T TWO CHRISTIANS. IT WAS TO MUSLIMS!!!

San Bernardino Shooting: Political Correctness Kills

It’s not that liberals don’t engage in profiling; it’s just that they do it all wrong. MSNBC wasted no time profiling the terrorists as possible pro-lifers, pointing out that a Planned Butcherhood facility was “just a few blocks away.” And recently, liberal senator Sherrod Brown asserted that white males were a bigger threat to America than Muslim jihadists (this may be true about white males such as Sherrod Brown).

What was the plan of the San Bernardino terrorists? @

And here comes links Muslim and Muslim-lovers hate!

San Bernardino jihad killer was given green card after background checks from FBI and DHS - See more at:

Police: San Bernardino Muslim gunman Syed Rizwan Farook was in contact with known Islamic extremists - See more at:

San Bernardino Victim: She Fled Radical Islam in Iran – Was Murdered By Islamists in California @

Okay, his is enough for today. I am certain there are dozens more blogs, tweets, and articles about this. The speechifying is fine. But, WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT THIS?

We must speak up. We must make our voices so loud that our representatives will act to protect us from further events like this. To hell with political correctness! And the ignorance of complaining about profiling.

If it speaks like a terrorist it's a certainty it will act like a terrorist

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