US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Paris Terrorist Attacks

Terrorism is just another word for War

Groups and governments have used tactics to terrorize their enemies throughout the history of Mankind. Carpet bombings during WWII were an effort to terrorize Germany and Japan to sue for peace. Gas attacks during WWI was a similar effort. B-52 raids in Vietnam were a similar tactic. And then we have “Shock and Awe” the efforts of Desert Storm.

Paris is Just a Small Slice of WWIII?

Those are Pope Francis' words.

Is he right or wrong?

First, we have a major invasion of Europe by people from the Middle East and Africa. At what point do they actively set about changing the very mores and customs of the various countries? Impost their Sharia Law?

From the beginning, I've tried to keep this blog light and entertaining. Although I am deeply interested in politics, religion, and world affairs, I've kept them off this site.

However, the November 13 attacks in Paris give me no choice but to share information about them with you who follow this.

This will sound cold, but it appeared quite easy to carry them out – especially since the attackers cared nothing for their own lives. They clearly expected to do and appeared willing to accept death.

Some years ago, I wrote Blood in the Meadow about a New Year's Eve terrorist attack in Las Vegas. In doing the research, it frightened me to discover just how easy that would be and what little was needed to do it. It could happen there or anywhere in America – or the world. And sadly, it could easily happen here – or anywhere in the world unless authorities take strong steps to stop it.

Do they have the determination to do what is needed? I doubt it.

My next post is a recap of news items on the Paris terrorist attacks.

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  1. I believe that is an accurate analysis. America is vulnerable even as Paris was (and is).