US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Backing up my words

I'm certain many of you have seen the book I wrote titled “Lost Wages in Las Vegas.”
It purports to be about gambling in Las Vegas and how to get the best bang for your buck.

I don't consider myself an “expert” in terms of knowing all the high-tech and mathematical stuff when it comes to gambling. But, after living here in Vegas for more than 30 years – of which I spent 10 as a professional slot machine player – I've learned a few things to help the tourist and other recreational gambler. I stated in the book that I do okay by following the rules I lay out in the book.

Well, here's a report for my gambling for the year 2011:

My wife and I went to various casinos to gamble 135 different times.

We hit 8 Royal Flushes, 73 deuces wild, and 13 four aces. In addition, we received “gifts of wine, gasoline and meals.

The bottom line – not including all the discounted meals and gifts, we ended up with a GRAND TOTAL of $1,421 for the year.

I figure with all the various gifts and promotion, we broke even and slightly ahead.

So, if you wonder wither I come from presenting Lost Wages in Las Vegas, there it is.
Check it out for yourself. You can either download it as an ebook or order a paperback version of it. All comments are welcome.

[Oh yeah! Luck comes and goes. So, while the way my year is starting out seems exceptionally good, it's all a matter of looking at the long run – the year ahead. So far, my wife has hit 3 Royal Flushes while I've hit 1. She's hit deuces 6 times while I've hit them 7. And, I've hit four Aces twice. In addition, we've received gift cards to a grocery store, blankets and tee shirts – not including her $25 for her birthday in one of Sam's Town restaurants

And, today, Sunday, we will get $30 in gift cards to a local supermarket in one casino and four gifts in another.]

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  1. Vegas is a lot of fun, but it will break you. Like the traveling carnivals, if you use the coupons, discounts, and comps, you can turn a $2,000 trip into a $200. Use those tix-4-tonight kiosks. $60 tickets become $15 tickets.