US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ain't nothing worse than ...

...someone complaining about how bad they feel.

Why do I want to hear about everybody else's problems when I got enough of my own?

How many of us have been there and done that?

Well, I'm certainly one of them.

And, I guess I've just been caught in the "what goes around comes around" syndrome of Sin City.

Back in July, I let myself get scammed on the internet. I called two local tv channels and put out the word so others wouldn't run into the same. It certainly seemed legit. An email from the Internal Revenue Service telling me a had a rebate coming. I even checked the "click here" icon and it certainly looked official. So, I filled out the form and happily sat back, waiting for the refund to come to my back account.

I checked my back account early the next morning ... to find $1,900+ taken out of my account for some place called Novocio Tech Division in Bucharest, Romania. I got suckered! An out and out email scam. It wasn't until later that I learned the IRS NEVER does stuff like that over the internet. They're still old-fashioned and do everything by snail-mail!!!

 Yeah! Ya better believe it!

Well, I went to the bank and told them it was a scam, asking for them to hold up and investigate.

Months went by and I got some documents from the outfit in Romania showing what was purchased and how it was delivered by courier someone local in that country. Did anybody wonder what an American's account was doing purchasing computer security stuff for someone in Bucharest?

In the end, the bank had no choice - day before yesterday, they took the money out of my bank account - or at least what little was left there. Oh yeah - I wrote to the NOVICIO TECH DIVISION outfit to find they've got a website and explained what happened, asking for a refund. The response was an off-hand slap in the face, a sem-polite comment that they did everything according to the law, their bank checked to determine the transaction was legal - and to stop accusing them of anything illegal.

And, as much as I hate to admit it, it was nobody else's fault but my own! Mister Dulgheru Silvio, of Constanta Str. UNIRII NR. 77 BL. V6A, SC. C. ET. 3. AP. 42 Judet CONSTANTA suckered me good.

I wonder how many other dumbies he got? And, with Novicio Tech Division's knowledge?

It seems to come in multipliers. I've been suffering what I thought was a pinched nerve causing severe inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Couldn't sleep and had shooting pains from my hip to down below my knee every time I stood up and/or tried to walk. Went to a pain specialist and he gave me some pain medication that made me sleepy and didn't help all that much. The only relief I got was sitting in my lounger or here at my desk - although I keep falling asleep while typing. Went back, got stronger medicine and an MRI. That showed old age is getting to me that I've got rheumatism. Ain't bad enough that I'm a fat old geezer, now I've got the pain to tell me that on a daily basis.

Guess things could be worth. As I wrote in "Backing up my words", this has been a pretty good month on the slot playing - we're just about far enough ahead for the month to cover the money I let us get scammed. So, two local casinos are actually paying for my stupidity - and the bank couldn't 've picked a better time to taker out the money I wouldn't otherwise have.

And, the doctor put my on oxycodone. It puts me to sleep and kills my appetite. So maybe I'll begin to lose some of the fat. On the other hand, it's making me harder to keep up with all the discussion forums and, most important of all, working on the first draft of The Missions Boom, Book Three of Father Serra's Legacy.

So, it's good - and it's bad - and it's all part of living. There are a whole lot of people with far worse than me. So, I've really got no complaints.

I guess someone out there is watching over me.

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