US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Indigo Kobo

I just learned that the publisher of Sonora Symphony won't have my title show up on for sale! It seems that, because they're located in Toronto, Canada, they're considered "a foreign publisher."

That sure puts a kink of getting it publicized!

But, they told me they will be going up on Indigo Kobo. So, I checked out the Kobo website [no reference to Indigo that I could find} and was impressed with their selection of titles. The problem, of course, is that it doesn't have to same name-recognition of Kindle or Amazon.

So, how does one publicize a book with hands behind one's back?

I've looked at Google's AdWord and that just might be a solution.

Ah well. I thought writing and being a published author wouldn't be all that hard. Now I'm learning that it takes a whole lot more to be successful.
It looks like every other reader in the world but is priced at $150.

One good thing I learned is that Sonora Symphony is in digital format and can be downloaded to any e-reader, laptop or desktop.


  1. Humm, that seems kinda weird. They would have known before signing you, that they would not be on Amazon and seems a little underhanded not to tell you upfront.

    Also Canada can sell through Amazon so I don't know what your publisher is thinking.

    It's like saying we're going to sell tabloid magazines, but not at grocery store checkout stands.

  2. Well now, here;s something I got from my publisher - she said THEY ARE on!!!
    So I sent her back a message asking why Sonora Symphony is there!
    We'll see what she answers to that.