US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Cricket and the Puma

Hello and thanks to all of you dropping in here. I hope you enjoy the ramblings of an old geezer.

The above picture was done by my stepson as a possible illustration of one of the Indian myths included in my novel, SONORA SYMPHONY. He also did the other one about the rabbit trying to shoot Sun with an arrow. As the book has just been published, I just thought I'd share this story here as a teaser.

Cricket busily licked and cleaned his hind leg when something caused his home to creak and groan. The old log wasn't that strong and tiny bits of wood dust fell all around him. He moved forward and looked up through a crack. It was Puma, sitting on his home to sun without a thought for anyone or anything else.

"Hey! Puma. You're breaking my home. Go away."

The big cat looked down at the tiny creature. It's eyes narrowed into slits and it grunted, a most horrid sound. After licking its nose, it growled. "Why? I am the king of this world and may go wherever is wish."

"You may be big and powerful, Puma. But, if you do not leave my home, I know someone who can make you leave. So, go away."

Puma grunted. "Nobody can make me do something I do not wish to do. Be quiet, little creature, or I will tear this log apart and eat you."

"You shall not," Cricket bravely replied. "If you do not believe me, come back tomorrow and my friend will show how you are not so big and powerful as you claim."

Puma thought it over, licked his nose again and grunted. "Okay, Cricket, you have aroused my curiosity. I will leave you for today. But, I will come back tomorrow, tear this  rotten log apart and eat you!" With that, he turned and padded off into the desert.

As promised, Puma returned to Cricket's home the next morning as Father Sun rose over the mountain peaks to the east. "Cricket! Where are you? I am here for my morning snack."

"I warned you not to come, Puma. Now, go away or my friend will make you."

As the big cat began to dig its claws into the wood, a tiny mosquito flew out and into his ear. There, it began to sting. And sting.

"Arrrrgh! Arrrrgh! Stop it. Stop at once."

Cricket hopped out of the log to watch the big cat shake its head and paw at its ear. "Go away, Puma. Leave me in peace."

The big cat didn't hesitate, turning to leap down from the log and run into the desert.

From that time on, Puma no longer went about with his chest puffed out, thinking he was the greatest thing in the world. A little cricket had shown him the truth.

Thanks again for visiting and I hope you enjoy some of the other things I've written. As they say in Tsalagi {Cherokee} - Wado {Thanks}

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  1. That is a gorgeous illustration! Thanks for giving us a preview.