Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Final Draft - Sonora Symphony

Well, it looks like this is the "final draft" of the cover.
Can anyone spot the minor quirk in it?
The most important to me was getting rid of the Purple Cowboy and replacing him with a soldier - as that who the main character of the story is. Even the cell phone fits in a bit as he bought one at the Base Exchange.
The Saguaro signifies the Sonora Desert and Brother Coyote is singing to his family.

Here's a short blurb of the story:

Staff Sergeant RAY DANIELS,  a modern Cherokee warrior, uses a traditional dream snare to blot out the memories of his brothers-in-arms spilling their blood in a Taliban ambush he believed he should have stopped. A Papago Indian Elder helps Ray call upon his spirit helpers to heal his body, but they are unable to mend his bruised soul. A Cherokee healer assists the Elder and several Papago folk healers to lead Ray through an extremely dangerous rite using Sacred Datura in which Elder Brother, I´itoi an ancient Papago spirit, shows him his past -- and restores his future.

An editor has been assigned I think I will be able to work with - he's teaching US Marines stationed in Okinawa and should understand military personnel. Looks like things are moving along.


  1. Well, perhaps its the Benadryl but I can't spot it. I can however do my happy dance for you :) Fingers crossed the editor works out for you, what a thrilling process this must be!

  2. Looks great to me. I didn't notice any quirk in it.

  3. The soldier should be wearing desert camo.

  4. Congrats! It looks great. Is Vonny right about the quirk?

  5. No, that's not the quirk. He's wearing the darker cammo to fit in with the rest of the them.
    Take a look at the moon in relation to the sunset.