US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not being lazy!

I had _really_ tried to post another piece about being in the Army - the part of how to sling a rifle around like you know what you're doing. It's called The Manual of Arms.

But, I got all tied up in some awesome stuff!!! 

I received an email from a publisher in New Zealand offering me a digital and print contract for The Sailor and The Carpenter, Book One of the Father Serra's Legacy trilogy.

 But, I had to be honest and give XOXO a chance to accept or turn down the submission of this I made to them. Almost before I could do anything, I received an email from XOXO saying they WILL offer me a contract for it when it reaches the top of the pile. She also said I could withdraw the submission if I wanted to.

I then emailed the publisher in New Zealand - plus TWO OTHERS who had expressed interest, explaining that I would remain loyal to XOXO and continue to work with them. If they felt it was worth their time and effort to see the book to publication, I felt it was my responsibility not to turn my back on them. What made it nice was the email from the Kiwi publisher indicating - more or less - "If it doesn't work out with ..."

[with that established, I submitted the sequel to SONORA SYMPHONY and will do the same for Book Two of the Father Serra's Legacy trilogy. I want to make certain they're in the queue.]

So, _I promise_ to get back to the next blog about Army life. And, as always, thanks for stopping by. The door's always open and I appreciate your comments - and clicks on this little icons below that show what you think of the post.

[And, the way things seem to be going this week - after I posted the above, I received an email about the short story I mentioned. The publisher wants to include it in the Summer Issue of Milspeak Memo which can be found at =  So, with a huge sigh of relief, it's back to what I've promised.]

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