US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Monday, May 30, 2011

Thoughts on Memorial Day

Throughout my twenty-plus years in the US Army and since, I have had the privilege of serving with and knowing a lot of men and women in uniform who served from Europe and the Pacific during WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.
US Communications Zone, Europe [France]

I served during the time when many in uniform were there against their will at the behest of the Selective Service System. The vast majority of them served with honor and did their best to live up to their oath of office. Some of the bravest were Conscientious Objectors who worked and accepted the role of volunteering to participate in medical research. They knew and understood that their actions would not only help military personnel but civilians all over the world. Medical advances we take for granted today came through the participation of those men. Most amazingly, they served at the Presidio of San Francisco during the height of the Anti-War Movement and not one single one of them dishonored their oath or uniform to participate.
 Sixth United States Army
I've served with commissioned and warrant officers of all grades and types. Some came from Reserve Officer Training Corps programs, others through Officer Candidate School and many were "Ring Knockers," graduates of the US Army Military Academy. I know more than a few crusty old Warrant Officers who'd come up through the ranks and others fresh out of chopper school.
3rd Infantry Division
The vast majority of them were professional, patriotic individuals who proudly wore their uniforms. There were, of course, a few who thought more of themselves and their careers than those they served with or had serving under them. They were certainly the minority.
I am proud to have worn the uniform. I feel honored to have served with and under such good men and women. 
Military District of Washington
So, I ask all who read this to do what I do whenever I meet a servicemember, simply say "Thank you." You have no idea just what that means to them.

Thank you!
 [some of the shoulder patches I wore]  

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