US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Unusual Place to Eat Mexican Food.

There are literally hundreds of Mexican restaurants here in Las Vegas. Among my favorites are:
Lindo Michoacan
Viva Michoacan
Bonito Michoacan
and Viva Zapata
and, of course: Mariscos Las Islitas that serves the best Camarones al la Diabla or The Devil's Shrimp - and I can guarantee it'll bring sweat to the top of your head..

But, much to my surprise, it turns out there's another Mexican restaurant serving decent food and reasonable prices - Cardenas Super Market on the corner of Bonanza and Lamb. We had time this morning and stopped in to grab something to eat. Usually, my wife goes in and brings something back to the car. But, I decided to go in with her. The place is amazing. They have a varied menu at reasonable prices and the atmosphere is most relaxing. You order and pay at the counter and a waitress bring it out to you - in paper plates with plastic utensils. Not exactly posh dining, but the food's good and inexpensive.

If you're in the area, try it out.

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