US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Putin Bans Fake New, Prickly Pear Fruit, American Trade Schools and much more for March 20, 2019

Pentagon finds $12.8 billion for Trump's border wall
21 pages of the most arcane projects imaginable.
A fitness center at Niagra Falls IAP for $14K
To build a small arms range at the Jackson IAP for $8K
A human performance training center at Camp Pendelton for $9K
A new air traffic control tower and base operations for Seymour Johnson AFB for $17K
Trump Admin finally releases its list of at-risk #milcon projects that could be put on the chopping block in order to divert billions to pay for Trump’s ineffective #borderwall. Take a look - military bases in your state could be negatively impacted.
— Senator Jack Reed (@SenJackReed) March 18, 2019

GOP Congressman Releasing Transcripts From Closed-Door Testimonies Of Russia Probe Investigators
I’m sure the Dims on the committee are furious. All the documents show there was no collusion and that Obama’s people did everything they could to stop the will of the people from coming to fruition.
If you want to read the details, it’s all in here.
For the past two weeks, one GOP congressman has been on a mission to release transcripts of government officials who testified to Congress behind closed doors regarding the investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.
Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, began releasing transcripts into the congressional record on March 8, starting with the closed-door testimony of Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr. Collins took to the House floor to explain his decision to release the transcripts, asking, is “the only ‘collusion’ among agency personnel who hated the president and started this investigation?”

Dutch police cut number of shooting wounded to 5
A picture of a “Turkish-born man.”
The last think they’ll admit to is the very strong possibility that he’s a Muslim.
The image, which appears to have been taken from security camera footage on board the tram, is time stamped at 10:41, roughly four minutes before the incident took place.
Earlier the Netherlands' National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism, Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg, tweeted, "Crisis team is activated."
Aalbersberg added in a follow-up post that the threat level in Utrecht Province has been raised to 5 -- the highest in the country -- meaning critical. It will remain in place until 6 p.m. local time (1 p.m. ET), he said.
Dutch Shooting Leaves ‘Multiple’ Wounded As ‘Terrorist Motive’ Blamed @
37-year-old Turkish ‘terror’ suspect who killed three in Utrecht shooting arrested @
Netherlands Eyewitnesses: Four men carried out Utrecht jihad massacre, screamed “ALLAHU AKBAR” in MULTIPLE ATTACKS @
Whatever you do, don’t say Muslim, Islam, or jihad!
Dutch Terror Suspect APPREHENDED, Had Long Record Of Law Enforcement Run-Ins @

What President Trump DOES NOT DO
Check this great list and decide for yourselves.
1 Trump does not invite singers and performers to the White House to sing and perform for him and his family, while Obama and Bush did. They sat like kings and used our tax money to be entertained.
2 Trump does not go to Kennedy Center honors or Mark Twain prize ceremonies to sit in a special place and be watched by the crowd as a king.
3 Trump does not perform at the White House Correspondents' dinner as the chief of the country. He does not care about entertaining the media and being praised by them.
4 Trump calls media as they are (biased and unprofessional) without violating their rights. He does not need them to praise him as King Obama and King Bush did. All dictators love to be praised. Trump does not care about the elite's expectations.
5 Trump is focused on results and delivering his promises. He does not keep people in office who do not deliver.
6 Against all leftists' propaganda, Trump has not gained any personal benefit from being in power. All reports show that his business is not as good as before 2016.
7 Trump did not bow to the king of Saudi Arabia as Obama did. He did not praise Putin as Bush did. He did not try to normalize a relationship with Cuban dictators and did not write personal nice letters to the dictator of Iran, as Obama did.
8 Trump is not writing fat checks to people who chant "death to America" (like Hamas).
9 Trump did not need any praise from Europeans and pushed them to pay their fair share in NATO.
10 Trump did not budge to socialists, Islamists, and fascists, while both Obama and Bush were lenient toward them. Their failures were effective in giving a boost to those groups.

Eldorado Resorts, Caesars explore merger – sources
Everybody knows Caesars but how many know anything about Eldorado?
I had to look them up and discovered their 26 resorts @
The whole thing is up in the air and billionaire Carl Ichan is involved in it.
Should you or I even care about this?
Probably not but it does some interesting.

SCOTUS Just Upheld Our Immigration Laws: ICE Can Detain and Deport Illegals
I’ve read about this on various sites and the actual opinions by the Justices are complicated. But the bottom line stands, it doesn’t matter how long it’s been, you’re here illegally and you’re out!
The Supreme Court reversed a prior 9th Circuit Court ruling restricting when illegal aliens could be detained and deported.
The SCOTUS ruling (full pdf below) was in favor the Trump administration, allowing federal officials to detain and deport illegal aliens after they have served their time in the U.S. for other crimes regardless of whether they were picked up immediately or later, after criminal release.
The 9th Circuit Court previously stated ICE would have to detain illegal aliens immediately after release or they would be exempt from later detainment. SCOTUS eliminated that restriction and affirmed detainment and deportation at any time after criminal release. The ruling was 5-4 with Justice Alito announcing the majority judgement of the court below:
The Supreme Court Ruled That Immigrants With a Criminal Past Can Be Detained Years After Serving Time @

Paris’ Champs Elysees
Not exactly a place for a vacation at the moment. Spring in Paris – all of France actually – is not going to be beautiful this year.
On their 18th Saturday of protests against President Emmanuel Macron and his policies, France’s Gilets Jaunes (‘yellow vest’) movement targeted the tree-lined avenue that runs from the Arc de Triomphe, smashing banks, ransacking restaurants, burning newspaper kiosks and looting luxury stores.
From GAP to leather goods maker Longchamp, from Levis to high-end bakery Laduree, a hard core of violent protesters threw cobble stones through pane-glass windows, scrawled graffiti on walls, set fire to half a dozen newspaper stands and torched famed restaurant Le Fouquet’s in an orgy of destruction.
French President Macron considers banning protests on Champs Elysees @

Prickly Pear Fruit
Tastes great and makes sweet jam.

British Asparagus may not be Harvested due to BREXIT
I wondered what they meant by “seasonal workers” until I read they come from Romania and Bulgaria.
ROSS-ON-WYE, England (Reuters) – For almost 100 years, Chris Chinn’s family has farmed asparagus in the rolling hills of the Wye Valley in western England.
This year, he fears uncertainty around Britain’s departure from the European Union will keep his eastern European workers away and the asparagus will stay in the ground.
Asparagus grown in Britain is feted by chefs as among the world’s best but the seasonal worker shortage threatens the country’s asparagus industry and the viability of Chinn’s Cobrey Farms business.
It is a predicament shared by many British fruit and vegetable farmers, almost totally reliant on seasonal migrant workers from EU member states Romania and Bulgaria taking short-term jobs that British workers do not want.

A Real Trekkie
Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, on the International Space Station, wearing a Star Trek shirt and giving the Vulcan salutation

Will SCOTUS help do away with the insanity defense?
Of course someone who commits cold blood is insane. That’s why they can go beyond morality to take another’s life. The insanity plea has always been nother more thn legal trickery to make a farce of justice.
And here’s the author’s take:
I’ve never been able to go the full 100% in either direction on this question. My basic take has always been that anyone willing to go on a spree of murder, rape or other violent crimes has to be pretty much crazy by definition, right? Does anyone honestly think that Charles Manson is sane? But just because you’re crazy, that doesn’t mean that you’re not accountable for your actions. And to at least some extent, it seems like even the most violent criminals are aware of what they’re doing and even realize on some level that it’s wrong. From that perspective, insanity (and most especially “temporary insanity”) shouldn’t be a defense.
The slimebag in question killed his estranged wife, two of his three kids, and his mother-in-law.
I think he should fry, crazy or not.
You decide for yourselves.

Is America Headed for a Wave of Political Violence?
What a ridiculous question. It’s already happened in the Antifa and Leftist thugs who attack anyone and anything they feel opposed to.
The question they should ask is when will the right begin to fight back? Not a run-of-the-mill Trump supporter but some nutcase who thinks he’ll be a hero for showing the leftist scum what’s coming to them.
But is it true that we’re living in a “climate of agitation”? A recent New York Times piece also seems to confirm what gringo expat Fred Reed observed not long after Marshall’s disquieted conjecture: that America “seems angry — quietly so, not sure what to do about it, but looking for someone to hit.”
Then there’s the question of ontological moral status. The researchers found that “nearly one out of five Republicans and Democrats agree with the statement that their political adversaries ‘lack the traits to be considered fully human — they behave like animals.’”
It’s a neat little coincidence that three years to the day of Marshall’s warning, Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota suggested President Trump is not human. (Her opinion on Jewish Americans is, we can assume, not altogether different.) And who says white papers never represent the real world?
Vendor Selling Pro-Trump Merch Has RV Severely Vandalized In Texas @
Payback is coming.

The State of American Trade Schools
With the huge cost of colleges and universities with slim career prospects, trade schools are booming. At a fraction of a cost, the practically guarantee good wages upon graduation.
This is a golden time for postsecondary trade and tech schools. Not just because they’re becoming more profitable than ever. But because, at least according to some, they’re finally shaking off the stigma that has dogged their students, instructors, and administrators for so long. Over the past year, media from The Wall Street Journal to PBS have hailed technology schools and programs as harbingers of a new economy and reformers of a postsecondary education system that’s become over-priced, over-valued, and often irrelevant.
The revolution covers both secondary and postsecondary education.
The one big pattern you see is the abandonment of the liberal arts in favor of vocational majors."
U.S. Undergraduate Degree Categories by Median Annual Earnings
1 Architecture and engineering: $85,000
2 Computers, statistics, and mathematics: $80,000
3 Business: $67,000
4 Physical sciences: $66,000
5 Health: $66,000
6 Social sciences: $62,000
7 Biology and life sciences: $57,000
8 Agriculture and natural resources: $57,000
9 Communications and journalism: $57,000
10 Law and public policy: $56,000
11 Humanities and liberal arts: $53,000
12 Industrial arts, consumer services, and recreation: $53,000
13 Arts: $50,000
14 Psychology and social work: $47,000
15 Education: $46,000
I’ve read where graduates of 2year or less trade schools can easily make $60+ right out of school.
You can check out this – How to Become a Skilled Tradesperson @

Indian Navy deploys aircraft carrier & nuclear subs to deter ‘misadventures’ by Pakistan
At what point will it flair up into full-scale war?
Dozens of Indian warships, including an aircraft carrier and nuclear-powered submarines, left a massive maritime exercise and were deployed amid simmering tensions with Pakistan, the Navy has confirmed.
INS ‘Vikramaditya,’ a Russian-built aircraft carrier, and a number of nuclear submarines have set sail along with other vessels and aircraft, according to a statement by the Indian military. The move is intended “to prevent, deter and defeat any misadventure by Pakistan in the maritime domain.”
Most of the warships were part of TROPEX 2019, India’s largest war games involving the Navy, Air Force and Army. As tensions mounted between India and Pakistan, they were “swiftly transited from exercise to operational deployment mode,” the military said.
1 Indian soldier killed, 4 wounded after Pakistan shellings in Kashmir @
Secretary Carson’s Agenda to Reform Public Housing
[A little off topic but this could easily be some housing provided to members of our military]
We know this is not going to thrill the Left. But it sure makes a lot of sense.
Carson, who has pushed many reforms on federal housing policies, shared with The Daily Signal his plans for making housing more affordable in the United States and lifting more Americans out of poverty.
Here are three agenda items the HUD secretary says he is working on during 2019:
1. Work Requirements for Rental Assistance
2. Private-Sector Help to Rehabilitate Public Housing
3. Deregulating a Path to Affordable Housing

Russia’s Putin Signs Law Banning Fake News, Insulting the State Online
It’s time for Americans to exult in our precious constitution and the freedoms it guarantees us. We may not like it that the press has almost unfettered rights to spew whatever it wishes. But, it’s so much better than the rest of the world where those freedoms are not given.
President Vladimir Putin has signed into law tough new fines for Russians who spread what the authorities regard as fake news or who show “blatant disrespect” for the state online, an official portal for legal information showed on Monday.
Critics have warned that the legislation could create a mechanism for state censorship, but lawmakers say the new measures are needed to combat false news reports and abusive online comments.
The legislation grants authorities the power to block websites if they fail to comply with requests to remove information that the state deems to be factually inaccurate.
Under the new law, individuals can be fined up to 400,000 rubles ($6,100) for circulating false information online that leads to a “mass violation of public order”.

Flower-crazed Tourists and Instagrammers Cause ‘Super Bloom Apocalypse’ in California
Did I advertise it too much?
Who knew flowers could cause so much trouble?
City officials in Lake Elsinore, California have been forced to shut down Walker Canyon after last weekend, according to USA Today. The reason isn’t because of fires, floods, falling rocks or any other dangerous natural disasters in the area.
It’s because of poppies.
And then there’s this:
Texas Is Having Its Most Spectacular Bluebonnet Bloom in a Decade @

Off runway at LAX
Swarms of painted lady butterflies fill the California sky during extra bountiful annual migration @
6 easy tricks can save you hundreds of dollars
Bargain-hunting can help curb your spending in significant ways
We all know that stores are laid out so that you will see something on your way out that you never planned to buy. And they’re always profit makers for the retailer. So, these rules just might help you to save a lot of $$$ over a year.
1. Ignore anchor prices
2. Snag discounted gift cards
3. Ask for deals [You’ll be amazed at how often the retailer is ready to give you one]
4. Know the ‘rule of threes’
5. Don’t be too cheap
6. Time your shopping

This family of five lives in a laundry room,
a sign of Nunavut's housing crisis
Seems Canadian White Eyes haven’t been so good to the natives.
They give them their own state/territory, Nunavut, and they don’t do much better for them than our own natives on US reservations.
Housing organizations say they have seen as many as 20 people sharing a two-bedroom home.
And it gets deadly cold where they live.
"When Canada speaks about itself as the nation, they say they're an Arctic nation," said Kotrierk. "Canada has made immense amounts of investments for infrastructure and transportation corridors from the East Coast to the West Coast in southern Canada, but has never made those types of investments in terms of nation-building and then in the North … It makes me question whether or not Canada sees the life of Inuit at the same equitable status as other Canadians."

40 Kids Miraculously Shielded While Singing 'Jesus Loves Me'
This is what’s left of Mt Zion Baptist Church in Paducah, Kentucky. The kids were inside with 10 church staff and survived unscathed.
Believe what you want. I appears to be a miracle.
When the twister hit, the church's pre-school was in full swing. Preschool Director Michelle Rushing took the 40 children to safety into the innermost room.
As the storm raged around them, the Baptist Press reports they sang songs like "Jesus Loves Me" and "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands".
KFVS reported the church encountered massive damage as most of their roof came off. The only room not affected was the room where the children and teachers were using for shelter.

Democrats In Nevada Embroiled In Scandals
Dingy Harry sure left an amazing legacy behind. He’s the one who created and honed the political machine entwined with the unions to create the current Dimocrap dynasty in the Silver State.
Multiple high-level Democrats in the state of Nevada have had to resign this month amid scandals that have drawn mockery from the Republican Party and have threatened to derail their agenda.
Last week, former state Senate Majority Leader Kelvin Atkinson pled guilty to "wire fraud after admitting to taking about $250,000 in campaign funds for personal expenses, including leasing a luxury SUV and opening a Las Vegas nightclub," the Reno Gazette Journal reported.
Also last week, State Assembly Majority Whip Mike Sprinkle announced his resignation after sexual harrassment allegations were made against him, saying that he was going to seek therapy to better himself.
Late in February it was revealed that disgraced former Rep. Ruben Kihuen was running for Las Vegas city council after he resigned from Congress over sexual harrassment allegations.
And I’ sure there will be many more.