US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Current Voting in the US Senate

For those who feel like me, this is the message I just sent to my US Senator

Senator Heller

I am retired from the United States Army and voted for you when you first ran for the Senate and then re-election. I voted for President Trump and am proud of it.

I voted for you to be Nevada’s Senator twice.

I now greatly rue those votes. I never believed I would be voting for a spineless individual who caved into the recent barrage of televisions ads demanding you vote against the repeal and replacement of the ACA. I honestly believed you would support the American people instead of bowing to Harry Reid’s political machinations.

I, like more and more Americans, believe that the United States Senate is no longer a functioning legislative body. Those like you calling yourselves Republicans bow to the obstructionism of the Democrats. If, in 2013, you introduced legislation to suspend $440 million in IRS funding for the ACA, why can you not even take the lightest possible vote for the repeal of that horrible law? You did this only for the publicity?

I think one of the best things President Trump could be would be to rescind the decision that Congress is a small business and force you and your fellow legislators to come under the ACA. What is good for Americans is not good enough for you? I’m certain just how quickly you and your fellow RINOs would change your minds.

When you run for re-election in 2018 I will do everything I can to help find a true conservative to replace you. Someone who will back the agenda of American voters as being followed by President Trump.

I have made this available to others on the internet.

Master Sergeant, US Army – Retired
North Las Vegas. Nevada 89302

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