US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Women and Islam

A 9 year old girl is attacked on her way to school because her dress is barbaric, signaling her to be a whore.

A woman on her way to work is gang-raped because she was not modestly clad.

Women and their female children are tossed out into the street with nothing but the clothing on their backs because their husbands and fathers no longer find them favorable or acceptable.

Women are stoned to death for being seen in public with a male who is not their father, husband, or other male relative.

Just because they displeased their husbands.

Women and young girls slaughtered because they dishonored their families.

This is no longer news. It is an ongoing litany of Islam in western society as Muslim males force their Satanic ways on a society with Judaic/Christian moral values.

And, when the culprits are brought before western judges, they are released because “they simply do not understand our ways.”

I thought ignorance of the law – or gross barbarity – was not an excuse for committing criminal acts.

And, where is the outrage from western media and – gasp – feminist activists? They show their outrage because of an innocent remark they find chauvinistic but remain quiet while these animalistic acts go on – and on, and on.

I find this unfathomable. I don’t understand it. Will someone please explain it to me. Please.

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