US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Hearings – Witch Hunts.

My morning news search came across literally hundreds of pieces on the hearings yesterday (Jun6th) and today (Jun7th). It’s as if there’s nothing else going on anywhere else in the world.

And the slants on them are so clear once cannot miss what’s going on. In every single case they report efforts to seek negative information about President Trump and his successful campaign for the presidency. The Democrats are almost livid in their questioning, trying to uncover the slightest evidence that the Trump campaign somehow connived with Russia to keep Her Highness Hillary out of the White House. The Republicans are there because they have no other choice but to defend their knowledge that there was absolutely no connection from the Trump campaign and the Russians.

My question is, Who are the Russians for Heaven’s sake? Putin is not so stupid as to let himself ever be connected with such an effort. So, if there was a Russian effort to effect the election, it came from some deeply hidden and highly secret individual hacker.

And, of course, both sides are meticulously avoiding the fact that the USA has, on many occasions, done everything it can to effect elections in other countries.

I’ve really tried to watch the hearings with an open mind. But, when one of the Democrat Senators berates a witness numerous times with different versions of the same question – still getting the same answers – it gets old. The Republicans are really trying to show sincere interesting in “getting to the truth,” but it’s clear they’re there because they have no other choice.

And there is, of course, the media. The news organizations are in an orgy of calling for the impeachment of the president or the nullification of the election so that Hillary Rodham can gain her rightful spot in the Oval Office.

That is exactly what this whole thing is about. 7 months after the election, the media simply cannot accept the fact that the American people lawfully elected the current president without outside interference of any kind. After all, they did everything but crown her with the presidency before November 8th.

So, what will happen after all of this?

Absolutely nothing. Comey will be the ex-Director of the FBI, a new one has been nominated and will be confirmed, and President Trump will remain just where he is – the Oval Office.

Oh yeah. Who’s watching all this? Most likely retirees like me who’ve already made up our minds on the outcome, government bureaucrats sitting in their offices watching TV instead of doing whatever it is they’re supposed to be doing, and political hacks who believe their whole lives orbit about the outcome of this sideshow. (No, it’s not even one of the shows in the main tent of the political circus.)

Have you watched?

What are your views?

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