US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Our National Anthem

How many times over the past Memorial Day weekend did we hear our national anthem? And sadly, how often did we see people fidgeting, clearly unhappy at having to “waste their time” being delayed to get where they wanted to be or do what they wanted to do.

Sad, isn’t it?

Now, we have individuals or groups actually protesting at the playing of the anthem. Do they not understand what it stands for? The lives lost in protecting our right to sing or play it? Have they become so mind-numbed or brainwashed that they cannot see the freedoms and rights we have? The very things the anthem stands for?

We even have those who demand we stop playing our national anthem at the start of events – especially sporting events. Is it okay for every other nation in the world to play theirs but not for us to play ours?

I will refrain from making personal observations on what I think those protestors should do or where they should go.

A bit of a diversion.

I also listened to some great versions of America the Beautiful. In my own not-so-humble opinion, THAT should be our national anthem! Carefully listen to the words and tell me this isn’t a love song to America. It’s a whole lot easier to sing and the words are the kind that stay in one’s heart. Sadly, the part of “from sea to shining sea with brotherhood” no longer seems to be true.

Kinda like our national symbol being the Bald Eagle when Ben Franklin thought it should be the turkey.

Always love comments. Until next time.

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