US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Saturday, May 27, 2017

I’m a Deplorable

And proud of it!

The ‘Frisco Hippies were the ones who got me interested in politics. Their attacks on my fellow GIs opened my eyes to what was going on. Being on active duty, I was barred from taking part in partisan politics but I wanted to DO something.

I was stationed at the Presidio of San Francisco and looked around until I came across a group that seemed to fit my political viewpoints – Common Cause. Its avowed program was to open up politics to the public. Make all government meetings public and have all campaign contributions open to all.

Seemingly valuable goals.

I worked hard as a volunteer in their office downtown and even was honored with a couple of bit parts in public service announcements filmed by Francis Ford Coppola.

And then, after a number of months, I began to realize it was nothing but a left-wing front group with operational guidelines opposed to everything voiced openly. An over-payed staff that was very secretive about their inner workings.

I took a hike and never looked back.

I’ve always voted in every general election since I turned 21. However, after my experience with Common Cause, I’ve avoided active participation in the political process beyond voting.

It’s only in the past few years since being forced to retire due to Agent Orange disabilities that I’ve become semi-involved by participating in online political discussion forums. I’ve also come to understand just what my political beliefs are. I am neither Democrat or Republican no Liberal or Conservative. In Nevada, I’m registered as Republican simply because it’s the only way I can be involved in primary elections.

So what am I? I’m a Constitutionalist.

Now, on to the Deplorable label.

I’ve of course been aware of Donald Trump for many years. His marriages, divorces, and obscene wealth. With Obama’s term coming to an end, I was aware that the Left and the media had already determined that Hillary Clinton was entitled to be the next president and nobody could possibly stand up to and beat her.

The thought of that disgusted me. Seeing the Clinton Crime Syndicate back in the White House was beyond anything I could digest.

But the GOP was only offering its typical bland, faux-conservative slate of candidates – all of them vapid and uninspiring.

And then, Donald J. Trump stepped forward to announce that he was running to be president.

I didn’t care what party ticket he was running on only that he was going to self-finance his campaign and limit donations to individuals and not special interest groups. A true outsider. Someone not born and bred to be a politician with no hands on experience running things or meeting a payroll. So what that he had no “government experience?” He’s certainly spent decades dealing with government and faceless bureaucrats in his real estate and construction efforts. Someone who’s been there with you and me.

And most important was the virulent opposition to his candidacy by the media.

So, I used every opportunity to support his campaign online. And, I voted for him in the primaries and the general election. Others had doubts but I knew before November 8th that he was going to be our 45th president.

So, how do I feel he’s done to date.

Great. In spite of the constant vitriol from the Left and lack of support by the GOP majority in Congress, he’s is moving forward every day to keep the promises he made while running.

Heaven forbid. A politician keeping his promises! Since when has that ever happened?

The Secretary of State is wiping out the 7th floor Obama appointees and the same is happening throughout the executive branch in other departments and agencies. Just what is needed.

The more the Left and the media attacks the president the more people like me support him. The 2018 midterms will all but seal the fate of the Democrats and there will be a marked increase in third party participation. A lot of incumbents will be receiving their walking papers on both sides and will just might see some major refinements and improvements in how Congress works.

I am predicting right now that he will run for a second term. And he will win. In a landslide.

Enough for now. You’ll be hearing more from me on a regular basis.

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