US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Personal View of the Nevada Caucus

(A bit of an aside from the story of my first enlistment)

Various dictionaries define a caucus as a meeting or assembly of people with shared concerns within a political party.

Was that what happened in Nevada yesterday?

Not in my view.

I arrived at the polling place about a half hour after the doors opened. The line was huge. A young man in line just ahead of me said he 'd counted about 260 people in line ahead of us. (There appeared to be no separate line for old gimps like me, so I just settled in for the ordeal. I didn't see a single person turn around and leave due to the expected wait.)

An hour and a half later, I reached the door and a young man in a suit asked to see my voter registration card. He then pointed me to a table with a volunteer – one of many. She checked my card and had me show my photo ID, very carefully comparing it with my card. She then found the precinct book and my name so I could sign on the dotted line. Only then did she give me my ballot – a simple sheet of paper with the names of the candidates in alphabetical order. She told me to look around to find the table with my precinct number on it as she had no idea where it was. Fortunately, it was close and I walked over. Another volunteer stood there with envelopes. I checked my choice on the ballot and she had me drop it into the proper envelope.

I was done and my dear wife – who is not a citizen but was waiting just inside the door to help me to the car – and we left.

That was it! No candidate reps. No discussions other than what we held while in line. And no campaigning. Not one bit different than any other election I've ever participated in.


First, it was in no way, shape, or form what the definition of a caucus says it should be.

I've already see whining of “voter fraud” from Leftist reporters and talking heads on TV. Bullshit! Unlike the Dimbocraps where everyone just showed up, did not have to show ID or proof of already being registered in the party, the Republican party affair was one of the most legitimate one I've ever seen. EVERY SINGLE VOTER WAS SCRUTINIZED AND HAD TO PROVE THEIR ELIGIBILITY BEFORE VOTING.

I thought it was going to be a time to select delegates to the county caucus coming up next. I learned that a young man in line with me had already registered as a delegate. Paying $40 to do so! He had to pay to be a delegate? What was that all about? That was nowhere in anything I could find online. He couldn't explain why or what it entailed only that he had been required to sign a document stating he would represent the will of the voters of the precinct or he could face prosecution.

Who was there to vote? I live in North Las Vegas and there is a reasonable minority population. They were almost entirely absent at the caucus. Those there were clearly veterans and most of their wives were Asian – and citizens. And, from listening to those in line, most were there to make it known they prefer a Republican over Bernie or Shrillary. Every single one of them was disappointed and disgusted with Obama and his policies. They will clearly support ANY GOP candidate.

Everyone I talked to also said this was a big turnout compared to previous ones.

And finally, after so much time in line, I simply couldn't hang around to see if there was going to be an actual caucus. I was disappointed but, as there were no candidate reps and almost less than a handful of GOP regulars, I don't think I missed anything.

As for the results. Others told me and I saw it for myself on TV that the ballots were counted by one person and verified by two others with an observer there. And, just plain citizens stood around to make sure everything was up and up. I am secure that my vote was counted and tabulated properly. I also know the envelope with the actual ballots will be taken to the GOP headquarters to ensure their validity.

Unlike the Dimbocrap debacle, I personally feel the GOP caucuses were fair and free of voter fraud. MY VOTE IS GOING TO COUNT.

So, who did I vote for? No secret to anyone who's seen my previous post – the one who will cause the widest number of people to show up in November ensure that the Dimbocrap nominee doesn't win – The Donald.

And, it says something that the supposed “hometown” of Rubio didn't give him more support.

On to November!

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