US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Temporary Sabbatical

To all of you who have followed this blog, I wish to thank you for doing so.

I am finding myself entirely swamped in researching and writing books about the history of California; along with several others dealing with military matters.

After long long delays caused by earthquakes, drought, heavy rains, and just about everything else, my published in Christ Church, New Zealand, appears to be resuming activity is appears ready to publish Book Two of Father Serra's Lagacy.

I also apologize for not citing this earlier or giving all of you the link to my other blog; Father Serra's Legacy at I sincerely hope all of you will stop by other there to see my comments on the subject.

In addition to four historical novels on the subject - Book Four is giving me fits as it deals with the turbulent peiod of 1813 to 1848 when the USA took control of California - I am working on a novel about an outstanding Mexican soldier, Captain Fernando Rivera who was involved in the original exploration of both Lower and Upper California. There is another that was published by another company but withdrawn as I didn't feel we fit - Sonora Symphony. This is the story of a soldier suffering PTSD who receives healing by an American Indian on the reservation outside Tuscon, Arizona. There is a sequel about how the hero and his American Indian girlfriend/wife search out who killed his parents.

As for the stories making up this blog - I have many, many more but can only concentrate on one at the moment.

As I said, I sincerely hope all of you can drop by on the other and either follow me as you have here or keep abreast of it via RSS feed.

Thanks again - and via con Dios!

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