US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Monday, July 23, 2012

Yellow Journalism Rag

After years of posting items and participating in discussions on the Las Vegas Review/Journal eforums, I finally gave up.

It was one of my most difficult decisions. I have always defended the rights of any- and everyone to speak their minds, no matter how disgusting or inane I thought them to be. But, there comes a time when constantly being insulted and threatened reaches a point of no more acceptance.

A poster there, hiding behind the pseudonym "Shurn" not only insulted me, but my wife! I could no longer tolerate such vitriolic hatred by a putrid piece of swine excrement like that - and said so!

Even worse, after contacting the Editor-in-Chief, no action was taken against Shurn whose posts were clearly against the rules of the forum.

I have unashamedly supported conservative causes and find the current occupant of the Oval Office a vile individual who clearly hates America and wishes to turn it into a socialist/fascist nation. I never hid those feelings from anyone and have done all I could to spread the word about his history and associations. I guess that was simply too much for the mind-numbed sycophants who cannot think for themselves and can only repeat the party line or call names or use vile language to attack the truth instead of trying to logically refute it.

So, while I do not plan to turn this into a place for political or ideological discourse, I could not go on without expressing here my complete disgust for such individuals.

I will miss many of the posters there - and be glad to be rid of others. Fortunately, this pig turds cannot spread their slime here to inflict that muck and mire to those who have chosen to follow or read these blogs.

If any of you can recommend other discussion forums, please let me know.

Thank all of you for putting up with this.

Til next time and hopefully a cheerier post.

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