US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Monday, November 28, 2011

Good News

Well, sort of.
I've been offered a contract for Book Two of Father Serra's Legacy. While The King's Highway has been written, new research material indicates I have a number of extensive revisions to make, along with some general editing. As I've only reached page 115 of 209, I'm going to have to reduce my time here and on various discussion forums.
I hope off of the followers here will be patient with me.
[The publisher also said something to the effect that they were interested in anything I write so I may have a new home for Sonora Symphony.]


  1. Great news about the publisher and contract.
    My first novel comes out in a few weeks.
    When you went to author events how did you determine how many books to bring?

  2. Well Mike, to be perfectly honest, I haven't done a book signing yet. All my books are basically in e-format. I know there's a way to autograph ebooks but I haven't yet reached that stage.