US Army Retired

US Army Retired

Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Sonora Symphony Review

Sergeant Ray Daniels is in a daze that the medics cannot seem to clear.  Joe, a
Papago elder, and a former special forces operator, recognizes the thousand yard
stare in Ray's eyes.  After buying him breakfast, and sensing the depth of Ray's
loss, Joe invites him to stay with him for a while in his desert home.  Joe, a
magnificent story teller, and an intimate of the Sonoran desert, fills the next
days and weeks with nature walks and legend filled talks. 

Hearing the stories of Coyote, and Rabbit, and Puma stirs something deep inside Ray, something that starts the healing.  This story is rich in Native American legend, and provides a compelling look into PTSD, including a patient, compassionate approach to addressing this condition.  The book climaxes with memories of a firefight and of a life left behind, and with hope for the future.  Be prepared to think long and hard about compelling subjects while reading Sonora Symphony.  And be prepared to think about the world around us, and the people in it, especially returned soldiers, in a different way after reading Sonora Symphony. 

Thank you Dale Day for writing and sharing this story.

JT Kalnay
Author of The Keeper

[I'm especially proud of this as the reviewer is deeply into computers and gaming and I have a feeling that he doesn't normally read these type of books.]


  1. Yeah, that's what hurts most. People like the book but I had no choice but to terminate the contract with the publisher. See my post above.