Sunday, September 11, 2011

I had to shut down my computer due to a rare nearby thunderstorm here in the southern Nevada desert.
As usual, it quickly passed with no more than a few sprinkles on the back patio.
But, when I turned the computer back on, I found I'd forgotten the password to all my password-protected files! All my research and drafts!
Not the least inkling
And, to make matters worse, if I'd written it down, I couldn't remember where.
Now, I'd used it every day for months. Often as much as three time a day.
The problem? I'd done one of those "automated" "remember me" log in deals where I didn't actually type in the word myself - the computer did it.
I sent all night tossing and turning. Then, when I got up this morning, I sat and stared at the monitor for hours unable to come up with anything.
However, during my normal web-browsing, something caught my eye in a post and Voila! - there is was!!!
So, it now sits in a back corner of a drawer and the "remember me" is done for for now.

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